Line — A wellness app for relaxation and stress reduction

Beatrice Nuti
5 min readMar 30, 2020


The goal of this project is to create a wellness app that could help people adopt and maintain a routine that improves their well-being. This app must track users’ progress and pushes them to commit to a healthier lifestyle.


Creating a wellness app for relaxation and stress reduction.

Design Thinking Process


My goal was to investigate the stress that affects young workers every day.
in fact more than 70% of young people suffer from severe stress mainly due to work, often poorly paid.

I interviewed 6 people who meet my pre-established requirements that I set to reduce my field of application:

  • being young, between the ages of 25 and 30;
  • having finished university studies;
  • workers or desperate for a job research.
Photo by Daniel McCullough on Unsplash

I asked the interviewees to tell me about the main reasons for their stress and how they try to relax during the day.

After processing all the qualitative data creating a map of empathy, I was able to learn the main insights revealed by my investigation:

  • 6/6 suffer from more or less severe stress;
  • 2/6 are unable to sleep because of stress;
  • 4/6 the cause of stress is work;
  • 6/6 listen to music to relax;
  • 3/6 draw, color or scribble to relax;
  • 5/6 need to have two senses (sight and hearing) occupied in order not to think.


Based on the knowledge previously displayed, I developed a user person.

Her goal:

Work every day on her mental well-being.

Pain points:

Always she feels stressed from work;
Stress affects sleep,
can’t sleep.

With my user person and the results of my investigations in mind, I was able to develop the problem statement.

Users who cannot sleep, like Laura, need to relax during the day through musical and visual stimuli in order to sleep peacefully.


After defining a type of user I thought about a possible solution:

Application that helps reduce stress daily by listening to personalized music accompanied by images and visual effects.

First, I created Jobs To Be Done (Jtbd) to analyze which features were needed to meet the needs of the user in question.

I have divided all these features into 4 categories through a Moscow (Must have, should have, could have and don’t have).

I have selected the following features, divided between Must have and should have:

  • Progress tracking;
  • Personal account;
  • Notifications;
  • Listen music;
  • Visual effects;
  • Pen to draw.

My final solution integrates all these features just listed.

As shown in the User Flow, once the application is open, the user can choose whether to click on the “watch” function, where he can listen to music by observing visual effects that move to the rhythm of the music, or he can choose the “ color “and coloring drawings while listening to music. In both functions, the user can change music and change designs in order to select the one he likes and relax.

User Flow

Prototyping & Testing

To begin polishing my idea I decided to make a low-fi prototype in order to visually represent my digital product. After testing it with a group of people that classified in my target audience, I reckoned several flaws my design had:

The Music button and spotify have been merged into a single element and removed from the home, to make the home more minimal.

In the visual effects page, the button at the bottom of the pause has been eliminated and it has been merged into the music button, which has been moved to the right to make movement easier with one hand.

In the drawing and colors page the two buttons (brush and music) have been exchanged so as to leave the music button always in the same position. Also the possibility to save and share the drawing has been added.

On the personal profile page the possibility has been added to connect the profile to Spotify and to view the images saved in the gallery.

After testing the mid I created a moodboard that represented my final idea. the idea is that of the gentle movement that moves to the rhythm of music. I chose black and white based on ying and yang.

Moodboar Line

After choosing a moodboard I created the prototype in high fidelity.


I really liked this project and I found it very useful to use tools such as Jtbd and Moscow to define the most useful and suitable features for the user analyzed.

Thanks for reading.